Search Engine
Odusee helps people find the needle in the Internet haystack.
“one search is all it takes” “one search is all it takes” video

Odusee’s search engine, is targeted, specific and personalised searching that saves consumers time and money.

Odusee is a Vertical Search Engine (VSE) that has the potential to change the way users search for information online.

Users set the search criteria within the category and Odusee instantly collects results from multiple websites. Users are presented with all the relevant information for them to make an informed purchase decision.

Odusee differs from a General Search Engine (GSE) in that it acts as a funnel for the mass of information on the web. Users confine their search to the particular product category they are interested in.

Users can currently search on Odusee in these categories:

  • Daily Deals
  • Flights
  • Property
  • Shopping
  • Hotels
  • Jobs
  • Catalogues
  • Attractions
  • Motoring

Search results are collected from multiple websites without the user having to locate and visit each of these sites individually. All the options are presented together, giving the user the ability to compare products and services and ultimately save time and money.

Key Benefit – Save Time and Money

Odusee acts as a tool for helping users make purchasing decisions by returning search results that compare products and prices. In categories such as Flights and Hotels, Odusee offers real time results accumulated from different airlines and travel agency sites. For the modern consumer, who is short on time and increasingly savvy in the way they research and compare product prices, this method for searching is a huge time and cost saving device.