Data Mining Applications

Odusee’s proprietary technology using robust RTIS (Real-Time Indexing System) and PCIS (Pre-Crawl Indexing System) architecture provides powerful data mining capabilities for aggregation websites and a host of digital applications.

Odusee’s suite of proprietary applications and services are showcased in the company’s flagship product

Designed with flexibility in mind, various methods of collecting information are employed. These are broadly grouped into two classes – Pre and Real Time Aggregation Technology.

Pre Indexing is used to collect data from a variety of XML and custom scripted sources at scheduled times. A key proprietary component in our Pre-Crawl System is our “Pinger & Updater”. These are post-op processing systems designed to fetch previously injected records for the purpose of revalidating the data. The main purpose of this system is to clean up pre-existing database records for listings that may have expired or been changed by the advertiser. The intent is to systematically capture such changes so that the collected content is relevant and up to date.

Real Time Indexing works by collecting up-to-the-minute data using either an Application Program Interface (API) or with our Live Crawl Scripting technology- Cronus. Real Time Indexing is integral to search categories that rely on returning results that are determined on price and availability, such as flights and hotels.

The opportunity
OPL’s technology is adaptable to various products or services and can be tailored to aggregate any type of online content.

Other potential applications include;

  • price, rate, product comparison websites and applications
  • on-line gambling arbitrage/sport betting
  • local search management
  • social media and video search
  • specialist search engines (i.e. health, finance, classifieds)
  • and many other applications!

Licencing & Custom Product Development
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